Elii Geba – Remix Competition – May/June 2016

We are running a REMIX competition using the vocals sung by Elii Geba.

The terms of which are outlined below.

  • Any genre of music accepted.
  • The winner will have their track turned into a Music Video courtesy of www.mhgMusicVideos.com.
  • The track will also be released via Elii Geba online with the royalties split 50/50 between Elii Geba and the winning producer.
  • You can only submit one remix track.
  • You must provide your online music presence in the form below.
  • The winner will be decided by Elii Geba and her team.
  • The vocal samples can not be used for any other commercial gain.
  • Your submitted track may be used on your website/Facebook/Soundcloud/Blog etc but if any money is earned from the track it must be split 50/50 between Elii Geba and the producer.
  • Deadline for entry is 30th June 2016 11:59 PM
  • The winner will be announced by 15th July 12.00AM
  • The video will be delivered by 31st July 11.59 PM
  • Vocals will be sent via email after submission.



  1. Sample 1 –
  2. Sample 2 –
  3. Sample 3 –
  4. Sample 4 –
  5. Sample 5 –
  6. Sample 6 –


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